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Essential Oil Education

What if you could easily learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils to improve your health and your family’s?

How would your everyday be different?


Would you have increased energy to toss the ball with your toddler or tackle your seemingly insurmountable to-do list?
What if you could do more than restore your health, and could also prevent colds, flus, and other diseases through a strengthened immune system?
What if, as a career-driven professional, you could reduce stress and boost your energy? 
What would your work culture look like if your entire office team possessed holistic stress-relief strategies to maximize health and performance and reduce absenteeism?

I believe everyone deserves optimal health through natural alternatives. You shouldn’t have to surrender to a life lived on prescription drugs with worrisome side effects when you’d much prefer a more holistic approach to wellness.

In my complimentary personal consultations, wellness workshops and corporate training, you’re invited to learn:
  • Natural solutions for heathy living, so you can strengthen your immune system to fight off sickness and support your digestion to aid in weight loss
  • How to relieve stress and anxiety through the use of aromatherapy, so you can live or work without drowning in panic and overwhelm
  • How to boost your energy, so you wake up ready to conquer your day and have sustained energy throughout the day without crashing and burning
  • How essential oils can relieve occasional aches, pains, troublesome symptoms, and more
  • What to expect when using essential oils to determine which oil works best for you and your ailment
Essential Oils Education

Ways to Learn About Essential Oils

Personal Wellness Consultation

What I usually do is to set up a 30 minutes complimentary wellness consultation, where we go over the health goals for you and your family, essential oil kits recommendation, and a little bit about doTERRA. There is no commitment to purchase and you will ‘walk away’ with an understanding on how to use essential oils to support your family’s health.

This consultation could be in person or over the phone.

Make & Take Session

Essential Oil Make & Take sessions are amongst some of my most popular events, and for good reasons.

They are fun, engaging, interactive, and attendees receive topic-specific education as well as a make & take product. 

Some popular make & take topics are:
– Hormonal Mess
– 9-5 Rollin’ Through the Work Week
– Bridal Survival
– Cocktail Wellness
– Super Teacher
– Real Mom Rollers 


Educational Classes

I host in-person and web-based wellness classes regularly. Topics range from seasonal wellness, kids health, pregnancy support, emotional healing and much more. 

All of these classes are complimentary and you are always welcome to host one for your friends and family. 


Corporate Program

Studies show employees at companies that incorporate aromatherapy workshops into the wellness program enjoy the following benefits:
– Increased productivity
– Reduced stress and anxiety
– Reduced absenteeism

Hitachi, Sequoia Health, and Facebook are some of my corporate clients. Schedule a free trial session to find out if this is a good fit for your company.